Week 13 – MKMMA Surprise

Now it happened.

We received guests in the form of my uncle and his wife already 6 days before Christmas Eve. Quickly I noticed that all my morning and evening routines were completely changed. I had no longer any space left for my homework, only inside the bathroom. All papers with the forms had to be taken down. And I had to put my movie poster aside. This was a rather unexpected and heavy kind of suprise that I had not anticipated.

Jeez, having done something the same way for 13 weeks, made it difficult to change. Perhaps that’s the lesson of it all?

Now I see how ingrained a habit can be, and what the effect will be when you need to change it. Imagine then if the habit is the worse kind ?!

Another thing that has affected me is all these holidays. Too many days that are not like any other. Routines are easily disturbed and I have lost a part of my flow, which has been my strength all the time.

I’d rather be productive in some way every day, but sometimes I just need to surrender and adapt to people around me, especially when it’s Christmas holidays. Luckily it only happens once a year! 🙂

I wish you all the best!


6 thoughts on “Week 13 – MKMMA Surprise”

    1. I know what you mean Claes. But it´s a little bit more complecated and differend situation than i can put in writing. 🙂
      Have a great sunday!


  1. Oh do I understand. We own 2 businesses and I have an MLM, our kids are in school and sports and it seems like there is no routine!! I do good a few days and bam its a leave at 3:30AM morning and not return until 9pm night and there it goes. The good thing is routines can be created again and you can hang your stuff back up, and you have felt the importance of the routine!

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    1. Thank You! Your words are true wisdom! And (drumroll)…today I´ll get back to my old routines. 🙂
      Have a great sunday!


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