About me

Hello, my name is Patrick. I’ve been around for 37 years. I am an ordinary family man, who want something more than just the ordinary. Sales and marketing is my field where I have been for years, but I have never belonged to the top level, where the best money is.
I’ve studied a lot of psychology, personal development, literature about performing, but that has not catapulted myself up in any greater respect. Like many others, I want to be the best possible father to my son, and be able to give something more than I got when I was growing up.

One thing I have understood a long time ago, and that is that it is possible to live life easier, to achieve goals more quickly, if you know the specific principles.

When I heard about the Master Key Master Mind Alliance training, I got a feeling that this is where I can learn everything about living a more effortless life. And therefore, I am here now.

It is exciting! 🙂