Press release

It’s a sunny day today, September 1, 2017.

I am confident, enthusiastic,  extremely focused and present. I’m wearing black jeans and a dark sweater, and on top of that I have a light brown jacket. My nut-brown colored shoes are shiny and very comfortable.

Here I’m, sitting in the hotel lounge and will now be interviewed by the country’s largest daily newspaper. This interview will be about my successful sales-business, about eliminating old myths and limitations, and how I have managed to build up the fastest growing sales company where everyone earns income above average level.

Quite a few people is sitting here in the lounge and they all seem to relax and have a good time. The atmosphere is pleasant and harmonious.

I have ordered coffee and delicious sandwiches, which have just been served to us. On the other side of the table sits a well-dressed man, the reporter who looks to be about 30 years old. His mind seems to be quite sharp, he has humor, and seems to be a generally pleasant and easy-minded person. I like it! He and I will probably be able to communicate fantastically well.

We’re talking about everyday things while we eat and drink the coffee. The sandwiches are first-class, covered with crisp lettuce, mozzarella cheese, cucumber and tomato, smoked ham, and topped with olive oil and freshly ground black pepper. Just like a sandwich should be.

We chew with devotion the last bites of sandwiches, drink up the good, fresh coffee, before it is time for the interview and all the questions.
Michael, the interviewer, takes out a device that will record everything and he lays it on the table. He has made good preparations, I can see. The fact that he has a list of all the questions, and nothing has he been left to chance. Good man!

So he begins: Patrick, how is it possible that your company has been able to achieve a monthly revenue of well over 250,000 in just one year?

I reply: My answer will perhaps surprise you, because it’s not about what those most people think. My answer is simple. It is less about the product we sell, it is all the more about how we think. Many companies can sell the same product we sell, because it is something that fulfills a need. So then it can not be the product that decides everything. But there is a more important factor that is crucial before any sale. Thought, focus, and the objective.

Everybody knows that a poor seller can manage to sell a great product, and a brilliant salesman can sell a much inferior product. There must be a clue in that. That is what we place enormous emphasis on, Attitudes and mindset. It is not the sales methods that are most important. Instead it is, vision, faith, and a positive mind which is totally crucial.

The reporter makes the next question: But how is it possible for you to differindiate so much from other sales companies?

I answer: First, everyone I hire need to have an open mind from the beginning. The most important thing for me is not what they have succeeded with in the past, but that they are receptive to new teachings and ideas. All who become employees of us will be trained in right thinking. And we spend time on it every week so that everyone can improve their ability to perform better. The product is still the same week after week, but a person’s mind can expand and become increasingly better without limitation. That´s the Master Key. I can not go more into the exact details, because then we will use all day for this interview.

The reporter smiles at me and nods with understanding. And he asks: But are there any specific secret which is the key factor for your success?

I answer: Yes there is one. And it is that all our employees know why they are to be successful and earn good money. There is an underlying factor which is tremendously important.

The reporter asks: What is your goal for the future?

I answer: To expand to double size in a year and a half. Probably with a new sales office.

The reporter makes the next question: It is said that your company is contributing quite a lot of money to charity. Is there anything you can tell us more about?

I answer: From the beginning the idea was that 25% of our profits should go to various charities. And we have done that. Now we will continue in a similar way to support and help those who are suffering in society. We will support help organizations and businesses that we know makes a big and positive impact on many people.

And the reporter asks: What is the best thing about your life right now?

I answer: That I can contribute with great development, joy, and more harmony to increasing number of people in my environment. And of course that I and all my loved ones are healthy and happy.

The reporter responds: Thank you! This was a wonderful moment and interview that I will remember for a long time. You have made me realize that one can always learn more in life that gets one to new hights.

Michael stops the recording, and puts his belongings in his portfolio. We stand up and we shake hands with a respective big smile.